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Video Overview

Please watch our 2-minute video to better understand our approach and ways we can support your program

Our Services 

Risk Management Audit - A formal review of your program's risk management tools and systems.  Audits can be done either on-site, in the field, or remotely. 

Policy and Procedure Updates - Help you to revise or create policies and procedures that match your program's goals, staff, and organizational culture.  

Field Staff Manuals - Support you in revising or creating new resources for field staff to assist with clear, outcomes-driven program delivery.

Incident Reporting Tools - Refine or create a custom methodology / system for you to internally report on incidents and near-misses in a way that balances organizational learning, compliance, and risk management.  

Staff and Board Training - Custom presentation / activities for staff and board members to explore topics such as risk tolerance, interpreting incident data, critical incident response, and other topics as requested.  

Critical Incident Response Scenarios - Having clear plans and roles for a critical incident is a sign of a well-run program.  We can help you refine or build a customized critical incident response plan, and practice putting it into place with appropriately-challenging scenarios.  

Custom Risk Management Presentations - We can help your board, staff, or community better understand risk management via custom presentations, built for you and delivered in an engaging, interactive manner.  

Expert Witness Testimony - Available to testify in legal proceedings pertaining to outdoor program safety.


Additional services also available, please let us know your needs.   

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