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Podcasts and Webinars

Learning from Near-Misses

Focusing on learning from near-misses is one of the primary ways in which we have helped outdoor and experiential education programs refine their organizational systems and strategies for more effective risk management.  We don't need to wait for tragic events to occur to learn -- we can be learning from the small events and near-misses that are happening all the time.  

Sharp End Podcast Episode 62
Institutional Near-Misses

Steve Smith, along with Joel Reid from Northwest Outward Bound School, talks about how outdoor programs can create a culture and system around reporting and learning from near-misses.  

Hosted by Ashley Saupe, creator of the Sharp End Podcast.  

American Trails Webinar
Lessons Learned from Near-Misses on the Trail

Steve Smith shared risk management strategies and stories about creating an organizational culture and philosophy conducive to learning from near-misses.  

Hosted by Candace Gallagher, American Trails.  

Experiential Consulting Webinar 
Climbers Share Lessons Learned From Near-Misses

Three climbers who had similar incidents and close calls share lessons learned  - and the importance of being vulnerable so that we can all benefit from sharing our experiences. Susan Woodward & Jess Nichols share stories about Mt. Rainier and 
Mt Timpanogos.

Hosted by Steve Smith 

Outdoor Leadership and Risk Management

Association for Experiential Education 
It's In the Experience Podcast

In this episode, host Sherry Bagley sits down with Chris Ortiz, the associate director for the leadership development team and the program director for team development at Shaver's Creek Environmental Center, and Steve Smith, founder of Experiential Consulting LLC. The three share their unique journeys into experiential education, delve into their passionate pursuits within the field, discuss the evolving needs of the industry, and reminisce about some enlightening 'ah-ha' moments. 

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 8.53.23 AM.png
Association for Outdoor Recreation and Education
Advancing the Outdoor Professional

Host Candace Brendler interviews Steve Smith about risk management outdoors, how he got started in the field, current issues and trends, and advice for others interested in managing risk outdoors. Concepts include the importance of learning from near-misses, lessons learned from occupational safety and major events, the value of brave spaces where we can vulnerably share in our outdoor communities, and the impact blame can have on risk management efforts.

Association for Outdoor Recreation and Education
Advancing the Outdoor Professional

Let’s talk about the interdependence of emotional and physical safety in program design and the importance of creating a collaborative and inclusive environment. In this podcast episode, host Candace Brendler is joined by Steve Smith and Christine Norton to discuss trauma-informed risk management. It is important to prioritize program participants' physical and emotional safety, as well as the need to recognize pre-existing vulnerabilities and strengths related to past experiences of trauma. 

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