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Organizational Risk Management

Early reviews are in...

"Big City Mountaineers has gained a lot of insight from utilizing Experiential Consulting's self-assessment tool, and did so affordably. I appreciated taking the time to go through a reflective exercise focused on the many ways in which we incur and manage organizational risk; it led to some very important and substantive internal discussions.  The Experiential Consulting team have been excellent thought partners in their follow up notes and questions, and I was very pleased with their summary of recommendations for us. Our self-assessment gives us a very reliable way to assess where we're currently at as an organization, and the next steps we'll need to take over the next few years."

- David Taus, Executive Director

The self-assessment process kick-started conversations that illuminated where we had alignment and shared views, or where there were differences and misunderstandings. Using Beneficial Risks as a foundation for professional development and trainings was a great way to help educate individuals at all levels of the organization.


Using this tool also helped expand people’s understanding of what constitutes risk management, and the recognition of how expansive and encompassing risk management is.

- Fred Sproat, National Program Director

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How it works

- The self-assessment workbook has chapters that correlate with the chapters and concepts from our 2021 publication, Beneficial Risks. The workbook is an online document that can be shared and collaborated on in real time. 

- Organizations receive copies of Beneficial Risks as a starting place for conducting the self-assessment process.  

- Experiential Consulting team members will check in periodically as you complete the workbook, and conduct a deep dive once you have completed it, in order to offer insights, observations, analysis, and our own recommendations for you. 

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