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References & Testimonials

"Steve is the rare kind of leader, one who is equally adept at inspiring others behind a common vision while having an exceptional gift for efficient organization and management. He consistently surpasses expectations while garnering abiding respect from supervisees, colleagues and supervisors. Steve's strengths abound and his deficiencies hard to find. He is clear and focused on his responsibilities, establishes meaningful goals, tracks them and achieves results. Steve builds and maintains healthy relationships in all directions and is tirelessly professional, passionate, candid and dedicated. He sets a high bar and effectively manages to excellence: his work ethic is of the highest standard."

Dale Whyte
VP Program & Operations,
Outward Bound USA

"If I were walking into a difficult meeting in a boardroom, training instructors on critical issues, or working with a particulaly obstreperous student; Steve would be the person that I would want with me. I have witnessed Steve use his knowledge, poise, and sense of humor to facilitate positive outcomes in workshops, offices, and field settings. Steve is very effective at achieving the goal, developing the team, and helping each individual meet their needs."

Jackson Wilson

Associate Professor

San Francisco State U.

"Steve Smith and Experiential Consulting are an incredible value added to any organization. Steve has worked effectively with a wide variety of clients to help them develop leaders, improve trainings and training systems, manage change, hire and develop staff, and improve risk management. Steve is inquisitive and asks probing questions to asses how organizations are managed in order to work with them effectively. In my work with Outward Bound, whenever I have issues with regards to staff training and development, Steve is the first person whom I seek counsel from. Steve's expertise, experience, dedication, and integrity help him stand above all other consulting services."

Mike Armstrong

Director of Operations

Outward Bound, Hong Kong

Former Director of Safety,

Northwest Outward Bound School

WTA logo.jpg

"We were fortunate to hire Steve during Washington Trails Association's 25th anniversary field season to comprehensively assess the risk management strengths and gaps of our volunteer trail maintenance and outdoor leadership training programs. Working with Steve and Experiential Consulting has already improved WTA's risk management toolbox, and has set us on a path to build a stronger foundation for the future. WTA is committed to mobilizing hikers and everyone who loves the outdoors to explore, steward and champion trails and public lands. Steve not only offers exceptional risk management expertise, he demonstrates a caring commitment to the professionals and volunteers alike who power our work."

Rebecca Lavigne 

Strategic Advisor

Washington Trails Association

We can connect you directly with former clients if you'd like to ask about their experience working with Experiential Consulting, LLC

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