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Our Mission

Our mission: We empower outdoor programs to align their risk management systems with their organizational mission, values, and culture. We support the risk-management efforts of mission-driven programs in order to have a positive impact on their participants, staff, and communities. We do this by applying research, safety science, and over a century of team experience to support outdoor and experiential education programs with risk management strategies, systems, and resources. 


Our beliefs: We believe that outdoor experiences and connections are critical for the health of people and society. We are passionate in our belief that effective risk management is not built solely on the avoidance of injuries and incidents, but upon the pursuit of program quality. We help clients build on their inherent strengths, while also building new capacities and resilience. Risk management can be inspirational and creative, and lead to teamwork, efficiency, and mission-delivery.  

Our experience: Our team brings over a century of combined risk management and leadership experience working with outdoor programs. Our approach blends our combined experience, current research in safety science, familiarity with industry norms and lessons learned from our larger community of outdoor professionals.  

Experiential Consulting _ WRMC 2016
Why the orcas in the logo? 
EC lrg_color_print.jpg

Despite being known as "killer whales," orcas embody many essential risk management principles, including their specialized abilities to assess and perceive risks (using echo-location), their abilities to hear and communicate with each other across vast distances, their complex social structures which rely on wisdom from older members of the pod, and most importantly, their remarkable brains which have entire lobes dedicated to compassion and teamwork, putting the pods' needs ahead of their own individual needs. We believe that these highly evolved marine mammals offer inspiring symbols which are directly relevant for our human pursuits. 

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