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Newsletter Issue 1 - March 2009 
Understanding Negligence by Patrick Feeney
Facilitating Solo Experiences by Darcy Ottey 
Interview with Andrew Jay (YMCA BOLD)
Newsletter Issue 2 - June 2009 
Group Facilitation by Patrick Feeney
Client Spotlight:  Wilderness Awareness School 
Interview:  Erica Nixon Mack  (Passages NW) 
Reality Sports Outdoors
Newsletter Issue 3 - October 2009 
Highlights from WRMC by Steve Smith/Josh Cole (Outward Bound)
Effective Debriefing by Patrick Feeney
Creating Culture of Risk Mgt. by Darcy Ottey (Rite of Passage Journeys)
Newsletter Issue 4 - April 2010 
Cultural Competence by Erica Nixon Mack (Passages NW)
Teaching Adults/Andragogy by Patrick Feeney
Reflection/Solo by Emily Gibson (Wilderness Awareness School)
AEE Award to Passage Northwest
Newsletter Issue 5 - July 2010 
Teaching Adults/Andragogy II by Patrick Feeney
Beyond Leave No Trace by Ottey and Moskowitz (ROPJ)
Risks and Dreams with Mick Pearson (Kaf Adventures)
Client Spotlight:  EarthCorps  
Newsletter Issue 6 - September 2010 
NW Mountain Journal Accident Analysis by Steph Abegg
Risk and Your Children by Brendan Madden (Hulbert Outdoor Ctr)
Dangerous Driver Dilemma by Karen Healey


Newsletter Issue 7 - December 2010 
Lessons Learned from BP and Wall Street by Attorney Reb Gregg 
Interview:  Rebecca Bear (REI)
Emergency Response Scenarios for Outdoor Programs
Newsletter Issue 8 - March 2011 
Do Industry Standards Increase Liability?  by Attorney Reb Gregg
External Program Reviews by Shawn Tierney (AEE)
Interview:  Martin LeBlanc (Islandwood)
Children and Nature Network Guest Blog - July 2015
Risk and Resiliency: How to Help Your Child Learn to Assess Risk
Conference Presentation - October 2012
Wilderness Risk Management Conference, Portland OR
With Josh Cole (Outward Bound)

Webinar - March 2017 

"What Does Inclusion Have to Do With Risk Management?"

Collaboration with The Avarna Group / Hosted by TYO

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