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COVID-19 Resources

We have been working hard to stay on top of the rapidly developing COVID-19 pandemic, and providing resources for outdoor programs and schools. We offer these resources free of charge and hope that you'll find them to be useful. 

Please note that these resources are not providing specific legal or medical advice for your program; they are meant to be generally informational and educational. If you need specific risk management advice, please contact us to set up a formal relationship with Experiential Consulting. 

3 Webinars

3/16/2020 - Webinar hosted by AORE
Precautions for Outdoor Programs & Schools

3 Blog Posts

Risk Strategy Guide

Click here to learn more about our risk management strategy guide and personal consultation options
3/31/2020 - Panel Discussion
Featuring Global Citizen Year, Carpe Diem Education,
and Where There Be Dragons staff

Online Resources

4/14/2020 - AEE Webinar
With Attorney Catherine Hansen-Stamp

Recent site visitors

5/21/2020 - GO•REC Webinar 
With Associate Consultant Josh Cole
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