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COVID-19 Strategy Guide

If you are facing uncertainty around your COVID-19 risk management plans and strategies, we would like to offer you our assistance. 


We are working with clients around the country on their COVID-19 risk management protocols, training, and decision-making.


Experiential Consulting, LLC has developed a nine-page strategy guide and checklist to guide your organization in your risk management planning through this time of uncertainty.  This tool has been vetted and fine-tuned with input from current clients. We are now making this guide available to new clients, along with several options for customized support and feedback from our team. This tool does not duplicate guidance available from the CDC, or dive into activity-specific policies and procedures. What it does do is offer a comprehensive, strategic approach to aligning your risk management plans with the uniqueness of your organization. 

Strategy Guide works well for any of the following: 

  • Schools with Experiential Learning Programs

  • Outdoor Education programs 

  • Conservation Corps

  • Wilderness Therapy Programs 

  • Guide Services

  • Non-profits and for-profits 

  • Can also be adapted easily for other program types

What's included:  

- Six step process guide and overview video 

- Guiding questions and considerations under each step

- Additional, long-term strategies to consider

- One-on-one time with one of the consultants (you may request to work with any one of us based on your needs, or split the time between multiple consultants as a custom option)

- Consulting time includes meeting time and document review, as requested

Strategy Guide & One Hour Consultation


Strategy Guide & Two Hours Consultation


Strategy Guide

& Three Hours Consultation


Custom Options Based on Your Needs

Price Varies

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